Exit Intent Pop Up Examples

After thousands of A/B tests,
here’s how to triple your average e-commerce email opt-in rates.

<span style="font-size:2em;">21.86% Opt In</span><br> (13k Emails)

21.86% Opt In
(13k Emails)

Content Giveaway

<span style="font-size:2em;">30% Mobile Opt In</span><br> (140k Emails)

30% Mobile Opt In
(140k Emails)

Customer Acquisition

<span style="font-size:2em;">20.43% Opt In</span><br> (6k Emails)

20.43% Opt In
(6k Emails)

Customer Acquisition

<span style="font-size:2em;">9.5% Opt In</span><br> (21k Emails)

9.5% Opt In
(21k Emails)

Customer Acquisition

<span style="font-size:2em;">8.06% Opt In</span><br> (96k Emails)

8.06% Opt In
(96k Emails)


<span style="font-size:2em;">10% Mobile Opt In</span><br> (3k Emails)

10% Mobile Opt In
(3k Emails)


<span style="font-size:2em;">19.56% Opt In</span><br> (3.4k Phone Numbers)

19.56% Opt In
(3.4k Phone Numbers)

Phone #s, Giveaway, Customer Acquisition

<span style="font-size:2em;">Animation Time!</span><br>

Animation Time!

Reveal, Animation

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