How Spoonflower 6x’d Email Capture

And how you can drive massive email list growth too

Client Goal:

Email Acquisition

Spoonflower.com attributes a high value to each email collected and has a strong follow up sequence to remarket to these visitors.

Spoonflower Results

Creating Seamless Experiences for Success

Traffic Shaping

Fully Managed

From the start I was impressed with the graphics and since Exit Intel is fully managed they can bring it all to life quickly and easily. There’s always someone there to help.
Continuous Split Testing
Continuous Split Testing
Continuous Split Testing
Full Screen Overlay Example from Spoonflower
It’s always been a challenge for vendors to match our brand, but once we received the first round of proofs back from Exit Intelligence, we had no real changes! Their interpretation of our style was on point and very creative.
Spoonflower Stats 1
Split Tests with Spoonflower
Custom Implementation and Strategy

Stop wasting traffic…

Opt-in more subscribers

the right way

(We’ll show you exactly how we 3-10x email opt in rates.)