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Exit Intel is the smartest way to get emails with Pop-Ups. We help hundreds of e-commerce sites with 30k to 10M uniques per month put hard earned traffic to work. 

Triple Your Email Capture

Average Pop-Up
Exit Intel

We do everything for you

After thousands of split tests, we know what works. Let our expert Conversion Strategists, Designers, and Engineers do everything for you – even monthly A/B tests.



Be Proud of Your Pop-Ups

Pop-Ups don’t have to be ugly. See Pop-Ups that would make you proud in our Pop-Up Hall of Fame.


Email capture is up 6x – and I don’t have to worry about it.

Suz Pozzo, Marketing at

Works with what you’re already using

No extra effort – emails appear in your ESP, analytics in your stack, and coupons work with your store just the way they should.

Integrations at Exit Intelligence

One cups how-to guide, two teaspoons public service announcement, this is the definitive guide to making pop-ups. 

Did we mention there’s more?

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Lower Bounce rates

What if you could turn 8% of your bouncing visitors into emails? 

Less Cart Abandons

Save the sale with tailored messages to high value carts.

Purchase nudges

Bottom bars with coupon reminders make it easier to purchase.

Mobile First

70% of E-commerce happens on mobile. Are your popups optimized?

Scientific A/B Testing

Expert managed A/B tests keep your conversion rate up each month.

Laser Targeting 

Target campaigns based on AOV, cart value, behavior, source, anything! 

Expert Managed 

Imagine everything done for you. That’s Expert Managed.

Track ROI

Analytics plug directly into the tools you’re already using. 

Easy Integrations

Get up and running with a simple copy-paste of code.

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