Focusing on email capture with Exit Intel has been a huge success for us! I can trust them to come up with the conversion strategy and be the ones to implement it!”

Ruth Wright

Digital Engagement Manager @ Fleet Feet


Fleet Feet started focusing on their email channel a few years ago and their email revenue tripled. They were happy with those email flows, but increasing their email list proved to be much more of a challenge. That’s where Exit Intelligence comes in!


Within the first month of going live, Exit Intelligence increased their email capture from 1% to 5% on mobile with the same incentive. Desktop was also getting great results – Exit Intelligence doubled Fleet Feet’s email capture rate. When Exit Intel introduced a different incentive, a contest, results increased even further to 15% on mobile and 6% on desktop!

Fleet Feet


Sports Apparel


Carrboro, North Carolina

Monthly Site Visitors

1 Million

Fleet Feet is a network of specialty running, walking, and fitness stores across the country. The Fleet Feet network shares new and innovative ideas to better serve their clients’ unique needs while continuing to build a culture that puts health and fitness to the forefront of your life.

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increase in email capture on mobile​


increase in email capture on desktop



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