How to Master SMS Without Compromising Email Capture

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    Ebook - How to Master SMS Without Compromising Email Capture

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    The Exit Intel team is one of our favorite vendors because they’re just constantly doing a good job in trying to grow our brand.

    They, you know, come with ideas, and we’re like, this is a great idea and we strategize on it, and then we implement it, and it just works!

    – Alexander Eburne, Founder of

    Alexander from Prepdeck

    Why the ebook?

    As SMS becomes more widespread as a marketing medium for eCommerce brands, many marketers see it as a replacement or alternative to email marketing. While there are some overlapping benefits of each channel, SMS, and email marketing complement each other well when used in the right stages of your marketing funnel.

    We partnered with Emotive to highlight the best practices for capturing both email addresses and phone numbers and where each channel should be used within your marketing funnel.

    The PRepdeck story

    Alexander and his wife shared cooking responsibilities. But when they both got busy, Alexander lost the joy that he had once found in cooking. After some thinking, he realized that by investing effort ahead of time to prep recipes and ingredients, he could execute in the kitchen more efficiently.
    Meal planning and cooking prep inspired Alexander and his wife to create new cooking organization tools. And thus, Prepdeck was born. Today, Prepdeck is a direct-to-consumer eCommerce brand that offers a variety of meal prep storage containers and kitchen organizational accessories. The brand’s flagship product is the 3-in-1 Prepdeck (and Prepdeck Plus).



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    Prepdeck is a sleek and compact system that packs over $300 worth of prepping tools and accessories in one organized space and is designed to save you time, money and dress when cooking at home.


    Not only did the campaigns look beautiful, but they worked 200% better than what we were able to do with a plugin on our own.

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