From my experience using managed services, it’s rare when a company can deliver what it promises. Exit Intel not only delivered, but did so without much involvement on our end, giving back my team valuable time to focus elsewhere, and providing increased revenue through massive list growth.

– Alexander Eburne

Alexander from Prepdeck


During the quarantine of 2020, with everyone stuck at home, Prepdeck was experiencing a surge in website traffic through organic and effective ad spend. While they enjoyed impressive short-term gain through the increase in site traffic, they needed to figure out how to ensure long-term company growth through customer acquisition. Prepdeck desired to build their email list, and thus turn these new visitors into email subscribers so that they could continue to connect with them and grow their business long-term.


After trying several self-service plugins and getting frustrated with the results and quality, Predeck brought in Exit Intelligence to strategize and manage all customer-acquisition initiatives onsite via fully-customized popups and elements on the page.



Kitchen & Home


Los Angeles, California

Monthly Site Visitors


Prepdeck is a sleek and compact system that packs over $300 worth of prepping tools and accessories in one organized space and is designed to save you time, money and dress when cooking at home.


Not only did the campaigns look beautiful, but they worked 200% better than what we were able to do with a plugin on our own.

Through effective segmentation and A/B split testing, Prepdeck was able to turn over 10% of their website visitors into email subscribers. With 90% of site visitors browsing on a mobile device, Prepdeck leveraged Exit Intel’s mobile-first approach to make campaigns not only easy to use, but to boost conversion rates.


Working with Exit Intel is like working with a trusted advisor. They handle everything from the strategy, graphic creation, to A/B testing and implementation”

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