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How to Hack Your eCommerce Conversion Rates (Part 1)2 min read

How to Hack Your eCommerce Conversion Rates - Part 1

Looking for some quick and proven ways to improve your eCommerce conversion rates? We’ve put together a short list of hacks you can implement on your eCommerce website today! While some of them might seem intuitive, others may surprise you. Regardless, all of them have been proven to be successful over thousands of experiments.

Step 1. Get exit intent

According to BigCommerce, the average eCommerce bounce rate is roughly 45.65%. That means almost half of website visitors leave after viewing just one page – ouch! An exit intent solution will help convert some of those visitors by providing them an offer as they begin to leave the page. 

exit intent pop-up that increases eCommerce rates

Step 2. Give a choice

When displaying an exit intent pop-up, it is important to have an enticing call-to-action. Asking your visitors to choose between two options has been proven to increase eCommerce conversion rates; and it could even be as simple as having them choose between “Yes” or “No”.

pop-up with a choice drives higher conversion

Step 3. Go full screen

In A/B tests that were performed by Exit Intelligence to test full-screen pop-ups versus smaller boxes, full-screen ads frequently performed better than smaller pop-ups. Play around with the size of your pop-ups to see what performs best for your website and try full-screen pop-ups on your site if you haven’t yet. 

full-screen pop-ups drives increases conversion rates

Step 4. Design is king (and queen)

A well-designed pop-up is going to positively impact your eCommerce conversion rates, so it’s essential for the overall look to be appealing. Not only should the ads look nice, but they should also be on brand with the same theme and type of copy used on your site. 

increase conversion rates with great pop-up designs

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UPDATE – Conversion Hacks Part 2 is now live! 

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